During Monday Night’s Kickoff Party at Jeep Beach 2019, the first ever “Jeep centric” Soundoff and Lighting Competition was produced by Soundcrafters, Daytona’s premiere Mobile Electronics Shop, providing competition formats in sound and lighting called “Jeep Beats” and “Jeep Glo” from the International Auto Sound Challenge Association (IASCA). The success of “Jeep Beats” and “Jeep Glo” was so terrific, it has more than piqued the interest of Jeepers coming to JB2020; fielding the onslaught of requests for its return, Jeep Beach Management is pleased to announce the return of these competitions at the Kickoff Party Monday evening.

These events are not only fun to participate in but informational as well. Officiated by IASCA Certified Judges, competitors will learn more about their sound systems and how to improve their performance. The point structure and scoresheets that are used cover all areas of importance in the sound system and help the participant better understand their system. IASCA Judges can also point out any system enhancement and answer questions that provide unbiased ideas and suggestions for those curious to upgrade their sound.

So, what’s Jeep Beats™?

Everyone loves their tunes, Jammin’ while Jeepin’; but really, how good is your system’s sound quality? Now, you can find out from the experts without any “sales” interest. This isn’t about who can make the most noise, this is an evaluation of the system’s Tonal Accuracy, Sound Quality and Installation Safety and Integrity. There are three classifications as well, so you will compete with like systems.

The classes are Hard Top, Soft Top and Open Jeeps (no top) because each one of those categories pose different sound environments. At the end of the competition judging, scores are tabulated with First, Second and Third Place trophies being awarded. Competitors will receive their scoresheets to see how the areas that were scored along with the Judge’s constructive comments giving the competitors an understanding of how they may want to enhance their system.

Simply put, a Soundoff is a competition to determine the best sounding systems according to the criteria assembled by industry kingpins. To see a copy of the rules of competition, Click Here. To register your entry into the competition, Click Here. Contestant entries are limited and are offered on a first registered basis.

And, what’s Jeep Glo™?

There was no shortage of Jeeps at JB19 with auxiliary lighting systems; L.E.D.’s Neon, strobes, Electroluminescent and more. Dozens of light adorned Jeeps came together for a fantastic display; a show that was very entertaining. At this year’s Kickoff event Monday night, Jeep Beach Management has included the Jeep Glo Competition at No Additional Charge to those entered in the Soundoff.

At nightfall during Monday’s Jeep Beach Kickoff Party, IASCA judges will classify and judge Jeep lighting systems to find the best interior and exterior lighting systems. These are judged for Structural Integrity, Cosmetic Integration, Quantity and Creativity. First, Second and Third Place trophies are awarded, each for Exterior Lighting, Interior Lighting and one “Best of Show”. Click Here for the registration page.