Jeep Beach 2019 – Vendor Information


We have been working around the clock to make JB19 the best Jeep Beach event ever! Below you will find 2 links – one is a link to the New Vendor Sponsorship Overview which includes the NEW INFIELD LAYOUT and the other is a link to the New Vendor Application.

Your application does NOT guarantee your admittance into the event.

Your space is NOT locked in until we have received payment of your invoice and confirmed by our vendor team. We have over 400 vendor inquires for JB19 and it is imperative that the new processes and procedures are followed. We are working hard to make sure your Jeep Beach Vendor experience is the best that it can be! 


1 – Please use the following link to access the NEW VENDOR SPONSORSHIP OVERVIEW: (Be sure to read the overview in its entirety.)

JB19 Vendor Sponsorship Overview


2 – Please use the following link to access the NEW VENDOR APPLICATION & AGREEMENT: (Be sure to read the application & agreement in its entirety.)

Vendor Application

Please help us help you by reaching out to our Vendor Committee with any questions you have about our new vendor process! Our team has made every effort to speak to everyone that has reached out thus far. If we have missed anyone, please don’t give up! Email our team at or Please include a phone number in your correspondence. Someone will be in contact via email or call. 

Thank you for your interest and support of Jeep Beach,

JB19 Vendor Committee