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Vendor Sponsor Packages


80’ linear Lake Lloyd Row

$2000 – $1500 cash & $500 product (Retail value)
Includes 15 credentials & 6 vehicle passes


60’ linear Lake Lloyd Row

$1500 – $1000 cash & $500 product (Retail value)
Includes 10 credentials & 5 vehicle passes


40’ linear Lake Lloyd Row

$1000 – $750 cash & $250 product (Retail value)
Includes 6 credentials & 4 vehicle passes


20’ linear Lake Lloyd Row

$500 – $300 cash & $200 product (Retail value)
Includes 4 credentials & 2 vehicle passes


10’ linear Lake Lloyd Row

$250 – cash value only
Includes 2 credentials & 1 vehicle passes

Vendor Sponsor Add-on Options


Installation Garage Bay

$1000 – access to do installations on site in the blue garages of Daytona International Speedway


Monday Night Vendor Space

$Raffle – Monday evening is Jeep Beach Gives Back. Vendors that wish to be present will be asked to conduct a raffle and proceeds go to Jeep Beach charities. (Limited to first 20 vendors)


Tuesday Night Vendor Display

$150 per Jeep (Limited to first 30 Jeeps – NO TENTS)


Wednesday Night Vendor Display

$150 – 1 Jeep and 10×10 tent display on the Midway in front of the Daytona International Speedway.

Additional Add-on Options

Cracker Ranch Vendor Space (Wednesday & Thursday Only – 10×10 quick set suggested)

$150 – a perfect opportunity to sell and demo your off-road products – lots of trails to showcase your products!

Private Port-o-Let for Vendor Usage at Space

$100 for Thursday – Saturday

Rights of Vendor Sponsor

Vendor Space inside Daytona International Speedway on Friday and Saturday

Vendor Space marked on Official Jeep Beach Map

Opportunity to select a la carte add-ons to maximize your reach during Jeep Beach Week

All vendor spaces are 30’ deep

Shared vendor spaces must be pre-approved by Jeep Beach & Fees will be accessed for shared space